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Gain insights from a Chief Marketing Officer with 20+ years of experience in restaurants, retail, CPG, and other consumer-facing businesses. Comment below or reach me on LinkedIn. Read more for:
*brand leadership* *digital transformation* *breakthrough new products* and *local marketing*  

  • Brand leadership => use all-available data to focus and grow your brand.  
  • Digital transformation => get more customer-acquisition and sales-growth tools, including search-engine optimization and marketing (SEO, SEM), programmatic display (like targeted banner ads on websites), retargeting (across different websites), email, social media, affiliate/influencer marketing, and customer-relationship management (CRM).  
  • Breakthrough new products => let customer insights and market trends drive new and enhanced products.  
  • Location-based marketing => geo-target everything from billboards to digital ads, for multi-location and trade-area driven businesses.